Brio Smart Railway Workshop


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Oh no, the train has broken down! The new Smart Tech Workshop will save the day. When passing a Broken Engine Action Tunnel, the Smart Tech Engine from BRIO starts to sound and act broken, rolls to the workshop and stops above the repairman’s pit. Time to do your train magic! BRIO Smart Tech toys are preferably used with BRIO Smart Engine to make sounds and actions possible.


  •  Suitable for ages 3 years and up.
  • Manufactured to BRIO’s high standards and from FSC certified wood.
  • Each set is fully compatible with other Brio sets, tracks and trains.
  • Brio products are made from very high quality plastic and beech wood from sustainable sources.
  • The trains, wagons, carriages, and road vehicles all feature the classic Brio magnetic couplings allowing for easy connection to each other.
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Ravensburger USA

Ravensburger USA
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