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You won’t believe your eyes! Make objects float in mid-air, meld images with magnifying lenses, create your own 3D drawings, and more with the 3D Optics kit from Ravensburger. Includes instructions and supplies for 6 optical illusions that trick the eyes and bamboozle the brain.

Instructions, supplies, and scientific explanations for 6 amazing 3D activities!
Includes the following materials:
– 3D glasses and image card to view floating objects
– Tissue paper and moving image card to create moving drawings
– 3D drawing card for dimensional drawing activity
– 3D card to view dimensional worlds
– Stereoscope, magnifying lenses, and stereoscopic images
– Plastic ball and string to create a swinging pendulum
Gives kids hands-on experience with key principles of optics
For ages 8+

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Ravensburger USA

Ravensburger USA
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